Righteous Ambition's roots came about when our founder James J Barrie and a very good friend of his were discussing the challenges and benefits of having their own businesses, and realised they had noticed similar things. Namely, it was rather difficult for them to get guidance in the early days on how to run a business, as well as finding a high quality, trustworthy and reliable source for branding, marketing and web design One conversation led to another, and they decided to put their minds together and built a team from their extensive network of industry professionals, who then went on to create a centralised resource, utilising their own experiences and successes, to help start-ups and SMEs become the best version of themselves they possibly could.

The team instantly began to make an impact on multiple start-ups, helping them with market research, strategy and business plans. It wasn't long before a well-established business contacted the team to procure their services in a planned expansion. The businesses continue to grow, and after a strong start Righteous Ambition continues to work with more and more businesses despite being relatively new as an entity.

Since it's inception, Righteous Ambition has gone from strength to strength, securing clients from a multitude of industries who continue to work closely with our branding and development division. A network of professional and experienced consultants and designers are proud to be part of the RA team, and we continue to enjoy working with people to develop their ideas and existing businesses.

Help your business be the best version of itself with Righteous Ambition.


At present we are working with a number of Start-ups to assist them from the very early stages of planning their business idea all the way through to implementing this plan and turning their ambition to an accomplishment. Many of the Start-ups we are currently working with have benefitted from our branding services as well as our business solutions. Our business solutions team are seasoned experts in not only helping you solve the problems that can statistically make or break a business; but also identify any problems that may arise by conducting thorough audits.

We have been able to; and continue to help a number of our SME clients save thousands per month by identifying potential issues or any areas of the business that can benefit from improvements. Whether it be supply procurement or sourcing better solutions from third-party companies to reduce overheads. Our professionals have also been able to apply these solutions to many start-up businesses; enabling them to avoid various dangerous pitfalls that cause a large percentage of companies to fail within the first year.

We are currently in the fundamental stages of initiating the Learning Centre which is aimed at giving you the skills you need to materialise a successful business. Whether as a one man band or a small team, The Learning Centre is for those who are motivated enough to learn the skills themselves to get their business off the ground and running on the road to success.


Ambition is what drives you, Righteous Ambition ensures you keep going. 


The future of Righteous Ambition correlates with that of yours. What we mean by that is; our success is determined by the success that your business and the rest our clients achieve, in the sense that, our core focus is enabling you to achieve self-sufficiency and develop an intergenerational revenue stream. We endeavour to give a bespoke service to all of our clients whereby your website and the web design is consistent with that of your branding and your branding finding the perfect synergy to express your company’s core values and ethos. We believe that with a stable consistent brand that is represented by your website and even the way you conduct business will give your company the longevity that often evades other companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to build a website?

The price of a website can be as little as £250. However, there is no specified price or charge to build a website because websites vary. We need to take some things into consideration such as; the type of graphics to be used, the number of pages, whether we will be providing the content, and other relevant details. To adequately price your website creation, we need some details from yourself. Kindly reach out to us through info@righteousambition.co.uk to discuss it with us and we will get back to you within 24hrs with a bespoke quote.

Do you render branding services?

Yes, we offer branding services. We have tons of services we render under the digital marketing niche.

Our services are as follows:

  • Any kind of design including Web Design, Logo Design, and other creative designs.
  • Branding Services.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Marketing Consultation.
  • Content Strategy

How long does it take for you to build a website?

On average our teams turnaround time is usually in the region of 1-4 weeks. Again though this is dependent on the nature of the work and what is required. We are able to pull our resources together and allocate more team members on a project to have it completed quicker if it is a time sensitive project.

Do you have a portfolio?

Yes, we have a portfolio but with the plethora of services we provide and some of our major customers preferring to maintain the image of in-house development we respect that and remain consistent in revealing that which is relevant to your vested interest. Just drop us a message using the subject to detail the services of interest and we will get back to you with our portfolio alongside some of clients we have worked with to date.

Does your team build WordPress websites?

Yes, we have a trusted and certified team of web developers that specialize in all kinds of web development including WordPress as we have built many websites on the WordPress platform for many clients.

Kindly reach out to us through info@righteousambition.co.uk to get a quote or learn more.

What if I do not understand the design or strategy you built for me?

We are always here for you to help you excel in your business endeavors in every capacity. That also means we will walk you through why we used one design or strategy if you are not sure about it. We will always ensure you are happy about the project you have trusted us to execute for you. If you are unclear about any aspect of the delivery, we will work closely with you to develop a better understanding of what has been done and make any required amendments.

What does your branding service cover?

This depends solely on the type of company or service you provide. Since companies vary from each other, the branding package you’ll enjoy may be different from another company’s. However, branding may include:

  • Visual Identity; this can be your image, uniforms and any visual aspect of your business.
  • Digital Identity; this is your online presence; website, email signature, social media, etc.
  • Logo Variations; this will assist the progress of your brand.
  • Logo Design; this helps to identify what sets your brand aside.
  • Brand Story; this tells you about the interests of your buyers and what inspires them.
  • Brand Guidelines; this will help you tell the story of your brand.

How does your consulting service help me?

With our background, experience, and expertise in marketing, management, and sales; we can help your business, including your employees by organizing a training session that is targeted at improving your business. From coaching to sales training and a growing lead generation, we can help you develop your business model whilst staying true to your existing or new brand.